Review of an addictive game: Boom beach

Boom Beach game help

Boom Beach, another addictive game from the makers of super hit game Clash of clans.boom beach

If you have ever played Clash of clans before then you’ll find this game quite familiar as they are very similar. You will be given a simple island base which you’ll need to defend from enemies by strengthening yourself constantly building, upgrading ships and also attack enemy’s bases to unlock more resources. This game is all about exploring the surroundings and free the island natives from powerful people. You’ll get many rewards for freeing people and taking out enemy headquarters. There are different landing boats and gunship weapons that can be built and upgraded with each boat having different advantages and disadvantages.

All the upgrading and building is done by a timer which you’ll have to wait until it finishes. You can also use diamonds to speed up the building or upgrading time. But this game allows you to construct only one structure at a time. It will take some time to build structures that to only one at a time so you’ll be playing this game for a really long time or maybe even forever.

Though this game is similar to clash of clans it offers players an entirely fresh feel of the game. The setting of the game and the characters definitely makes this game different. It sound’s like a simple game but as usual, Supercell has added a touch of strategy to this game making it interesting. Even if you hadn’t played clash of clans before you can learn this game easily. It provides pop-ups throughout the game that will help you learn the game.

Supercell’s fantastic graphics makes this game look more appealing and stunning. The moving objects, water, and explosions making it more fun to play. So if you love playing these types of games then this game is definitely one to try that will make you this game addictive.

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